Feb 10 – Zorillon – Interplanet Janet

Interplanet Janet

It’s probably a planet you haven’t heard of, mostly because of the fact that it’s in a parallel dimension. The only reason I can actually tell you about it now, assuming this message survives the frigid journey through the ever-expanding universe, is because I am its creator, as well as its leader. The reason I am reaching out to you now is that I want you to understand of our existence, and hope that you may be able to travel here yourself and carry this knowledge with you, so you may better know me and my people.

My planet, in certain ways, is like yours; however, many things are very different from the place you know as home. Here on Zorillon we have seasons, like yours, yet vastly different all at once.  You see, our planet is something of a “nomad”, to use your term. What I mean to say is that the size of our planet is not rigid or constant; it fluctuates greatly from year to year, causing it’s gravitational pull to increase and diminish accordingly.  Because of this, every so often, when it is at its smallest, it falls out of orbit from our neighbouring star, and we revolve through the cosmos, endlessly until we latch onto another.

The cold and darkness this traveling creates is harsh and unbearable, yet I have provided what is necessary for my people, the Zenfilim, to survive.  Here our dwellings come directly from nature; Zorillon is pockmarked with sizeable holes which lead directly down into the planet’s crust. It is here that my people have made their homes.  They have created airlocks that allow them to stave off the bitter cold and rely on the warmth coming from the planet’s core.

During the times when we orbit a star, the inhabitants cherish their time above ground. They hold festivals and celebration in my praise, even though I do not dictate the turning of this world. The Zenfilim are a kind race; although there are drastic differences in appearance among them, they accept and love one another without judgement. While the differences are many, certain features unite them all. The eyes the posses would be strange to you; while they are similarly shaped, the entire surface is coloured a peaceful blue. The Zenfilim also share markings the slowly cover their body as they age. From birth, they are marked on the base of the neck, and as they age the marks spread across their skin, warping like ivy and enveloping their bodies.

My planet may seem to be a strange one to you, who live on a planet with a fixed size and place in the universe. However, I hope that you have the opportunity to visit my home and expand your horizons, and drink in the beauty of my creation.


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