Feb 14 – A Ghost Carrying a Large Box for a Queen

As the Queen stepped out of her bedroom, she took a glance around. This was her antechamber; her place of quiet solitude. Completely soundproof, devoid of any cell signal or wireless capabilities, it was her place of peace that allowed her a moment unto herself, away from maids, butlers, friends, relatives, and any other outside distraction. Specially crafted frosted glass extended from floor to ceiling to her left and right, allowing the sun’s rays to penetrate the area. Numerous potted plants lined the windows, adding to the room’s relaxing properties.

She took another step into the room, and closed the door behind her, making sure to lock it. Isabel made her way to the room’s centre, seating herself in front of the sigil that marked the place. She waited silently, allowing her thoughts to fall away. A faint light began radiating from the centre of the sigil, drawing Isabel’s eyes to the spot. As she looked on, a figure began to emerge, headfirst, from the space on the floor. The first time this happened, she had been frightened; not many people have had the pleasure of meeting a ghost firsthand. Luckily for her, it was friendly. As it emerged completely from the floor, it began to take on a more solid form, the form of a young man wearing a well-tailored suit, eyes white as chalk. To everyone else of course, his eyes looked normal; anyone else would see deep brown eyes, the colour of freshly brewed coffee. In his hands he held a large box, roughly the size of a phonebook. Isabel knew what it contained; after today, the rest of the world would know as well.

“Hello Nathan,” she said, a smile spreading across her face. “It’s been a while since I’ve seen you, I was beginning to wonder if you had forgotten.”
Nathan looked into her eyes, not returning Isabel’s playful smile. “Of course I remembered, this day will mark a turning point in history, and the world will finally know the truth.”
“Well, let’s not keep them waiting any longer,” said Isabel, rising to her feet. As she stepped closer to him, she eyed the dark wooden box. It was affixed with a curious lock, a lock nobody else would have seen the shape of. The queen continued on and out of the room, Nathan trailing behind her.

Isabel opened the door and stepped out onto the balcony. As she approached the rail, she looked down to see a large crowd gathered below. They were awaiting her address, and they began to cheer as she came into view. She raised her hands for silence, and the crowd quieted expectantly. The Queen cleared her throat and gave Nathan a quick glance. He met her gaze, and nodded, almost imperceptibly.
“Citizens of Yuren, I have gathered you here today so that you may know the truth about one of the great mysteries of our world. I share this with you so that you will come to better understand the world, as well as your own place in it.”

She gestured Nathan forward and took a deep breath as she reached down, wrapping her fingers around the necklace that dangled there. Slowly lifting it over her head, she regarded it for a moment before proceeding. It was made of a strange material, something that looked like a cross between silver and cloth. It was harder than diamonds, and it was unknown when the piece had come into existence, or from where. It’s shape fit the lock on the box perfectly, and the queen slid it into the tumblers, producing a faint click as it turned. As she lifted the lid, she saw once more the contents of the long-forgotten chest…


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